Received Right-Time Right-Place Graduate Placement

I am in the final year of my physical therapy graduate program. While in the program, we have to complete 4 clinical rotations that are like internships, where we work under the supervision of a licensed physical therapist who is a clinical instructor.

I had finished 3 clinical rotations and was searching across the country for a 4th one. Because of the pandemic and the many restrictions still in place in the United States for taking on students, I was having a difficult time finding an inpatient clinic that would accommodate me. All my other classmates had already received their clinical assignments for their 4th rotation in early summer last year.

I heard Joseph Prince’s 2022 theme of the year sermons about rest and acceleration and read his devotionals about resting in God, so I was worked on resting and trusting God that He would supply the perfect placement for me.

In the natural, I could have been worried and stressed because if I wasn’t able to find a rotation, I would have to add another semester or year to my grad school, which would be expensive and time-consuming. There had been so many other times in the past where I was stressed about much smaller things in grad school, so it was really supernatural that I wasn’t stressed about this.

In October last year, I chose to read Joseph Prince’s Live Let-Go Life as part of a book report for class. The past 2 years in grad school were the most stressful years of my entire life. Reading this book set me free and allowed me to further understand how to trust God for everything.

I wish I had found and read this book earlier in my grad school career. However, I thank God I read it at this point and learned how to fully be in a trusting position and rest in God. Because of what I learned from the book, I trusted God entirely that I would be placed at the perfect clinical rotation for me.

Within this same period, I finally received an email from my professor stating she had found a site that would take me on as a student for my final clinical rotation. By divine appointment, I had met the physical therapist that was going to take me on for this rotation at my previous clinical rotation. He hasn’t taken students on for a couple of years because he was busy with 2 jobs. However, since he met me at the other previous clinical rotation, he decided to take me on as his student. I was very relieved and thankful. This was an answer to my prayers!

But there’s even more to this amazing story. My clinical rotation started the 2nd week of January this year. The week I started the clinical rotation, I watched The Kairos Year of Right Time, Right Place sermon by Joseph Prince and felt so empowered by the teaching because I knew God had supernaturally placed me at this final clinical rotation.

3 weeks later, as my clinical instructor was eating takeout for lunch, I asked him where the food was from. He said it was from a Greek restaurant called “Kairos.” In that moment, I knew that was a confirmation from God that I truly was in the right place at the right time.

Praise be to God who takes care of his children. I am so thankful that I have learned how to rest in God’s plans for me. This could have been a stressful situation, but instead, I put my whole situation in God’s hands and had supernatural peace while searching for my final rotation. I love how God truly does care about even the smallest of things in our lives and shows us His love through simple signs!

Allison Lange
New York, United States