No More Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Pastor Prince, I suffered from irritable bowel syndrome for 10 years and was always in pain. I missed so many things because I was constantly sick. Then I saw an excerpt from your book Eat Your Way to Life and Health on the holy Communion and decided to get it.

I started partaking of the Lord’s Supper every morning with anything I had—a piece of bread, a cracker, or even a piece of tortilla. I took coffee as a symbol of the wine and received the Lord’s Supper with all my heart.

After a month, I noticed that my nausea was gone. I could eat lunch with my best friend and no longer just drink soup. I could eat like everyone else! After 2 months, I realized my stomach pain was gone. By the 3rd month, I was no more lying in bed in pain!

I am forever grateful for your book. Jesus is my hero, and He works through you, Pastor Prince. Thank you!

Texas, United States