Heart Comforted and Healed After Painful Losses

I lost my stepson to muscular dystrophy when he was 12. Two years later, I lost my husband to a heart attack and my father to cancer. These losses were so painful and tragic that I searched for comfort and peace.

I have been listening to Joseph Prince since 2008. I listened to every sermon I could because he points to Jesus. This helped me to keep my focus away from my sad situation. I especially love his sermon on the story of Ruth. I listened to how Jesus is our Redeemer over and over again. I also prayed to Jesus for the strength to go on, and He comforted and strengthened me in my grief.

Later I was led to a beautiful man who loves the Lord. We have since been married for 7 years and have a beautiful family. He has a son the same age as the one I lost and a beautiful daughter 2 years older. The Lord has looked after me, healed me, and prospered me in every way since my losses.

Please share this with anyone who has suffered loss. There is hope in Jesus when we keep our eyes on Him. Thank you, Joseph Prince, for keeping our eyes on Him.

Ohio, United States