Healthy Eyes with 20/20 Vision After Partaking of the Communion

I heard Joseph Prince’s preaching on the bread and wine some years ago, and I was amazed at the teaching. I have often asked why so many Christians are sick and dying and the teaching really struck a chord with me. I requested all his teachings on the Communion and started partaking of the Communion regularly.

Over the last 10 years, the prescription for my eyes has been getting stronger each time I went to the eye doctor. I had tons of floaters in my eye, and I would sometimes get flashes when I drove at night. I was told this was because I was starting to form cataracts.

When I went to the eye doctor, she did all the usual tests. Because I am 66 years old, and it had been a while since I saw a doctor, I had her do some extra tests just so I knew for sure the status of my eyes. The results showed I now have 20/20 vision. I do not need glasses for distance anymore! All the tissues, nerves, and blood vessels in my eyes are healthy with no cataracts. They found one floater that was out of my vision range.

My doctor was surprised someone my age would have such healthy eyes. I have not done anything different over the last 3 years except to partake of the Communion on a regular basis. God is so great! Thank you, Joseph, for teaching this message and making it simple for me to understand.

Jennifer Clements
Washington, United States