Freed of Tax Debt

Some time ago, my husband, Loren, and I started doing our taxes, and we became discouraged because we were going to owe federal taxes more than $5,000.

Due to purchasing health care through the government and making more money than expected, we had to repay the tax credits we had received to lower our monthly premiums for health insurance. Since then, we have had to cancel our health coverage and were unable to have health insurance until open enrollment through Loren’s job.

We have been receiving our health, wholeness, and forgiveness of sins daily through the holy Communion since the pandemic started. We have not been sick at all and have had no need to use health insurance. Thank You, Jesus! It is His finished work at the cross that keeps us from needing to use health insurance.

Anyway, I couldn’t pay this tax debt out of my pocket. I wrote about this in my journal one morning before an online church service. At the end of service, Pastor Prince gave a prophetic word about debt cancellation. At that point, I knew Jesus was saying He has supplied my need, and I need not worry about the situation. I knew it was for me because I had just finished writing in my journal. I generally write my prayers in a journal so I can go back and see how God has done great things for me. Plus, I usually journal like I am writing a letter to Him. After all, the Bible are letters to us.

When the American Rescue Plan was signed into law, it had in it that there would be no repayment due if you owed federal taxes because of the Affordable Care Act.

Even as I’m writing you this, I am still thanking Jesus because instead of owing, we got a refund. I am so happy! God is who He says He is—my Father, my shield, and my exceedingly great reward. He is always in control, always loving us and providing for us.

Thank you, Pastor Joseph Prince, for teaching our Father’s and Jesus’ heart of love for me. Thank you for teaching us the gospel of grace. I am blessed because I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus.


Oklahoma, United States